Who we are

JDisc is a motivated team of network specialists, fully dedicated to the entire area of automated network inventory and documentation. Our strong belief is that focusing on our strengths will lead to excellent products. Hence we are concentrating on the area of network discovery and documentation. Instead of extending our scope to CMDB or software license management solutions and delivering a mediocre network discovery, we focus on creating a first class network inventory solution.

Of course we know that a network discovery is often just a part of an overall IT solution. Our objective is to work with partners in the other areas, such as CMDB solutions and software license management, in order to offer proven and integrated IT solutions.

The company was founded in 2009 by Thomas Trenz. Thomas is experienced in working in worldwide corporations and in startup-up companies, and that helps us to understand what global enterprises are looking for, while being flexible like only smaller companies can be.

360° Network Inventory
What is so special about JDisc Discovery?
  1. Broad in Scope

  2. Accurate and Non-Intrusive

  3. Perfect for heterogeneous IT environments

  4. Identifies 13 virtualization technologies

  5. Custom Attributes and Reports

  6. Our JDisc Discovery Add-Ons

JDisc Products - Professional Edition

JDisc Products help you to get a comprehensive overview of your IT environment. By 360° Network Inventory JDisc means:

  • the reliable identification of devices in the network

  • the collection of relevant hardware, software and device configurations

  • the determination and visualization of logical and physical network topologies

  • the discovery and the graphical visualization of communication relationships between devices and applications in the network

  • plus the automatic storage and comparison of device configuration histories