JDisc Discovery in 64 bit

JDisc Discovery 4.0 uses 64 Bit!

Dear JDisc friends, we are happy to announce our first 64 bit JDisc Discovery product. With version 4.0, JDisc Discovery can utilize more memory than before. This enables more concurrent device discoveries and thus speeds up the discovery process. The second major features is a new and simplified installation procedure. Installing and updating JDisc Discovery…

software license management

BIOS Windows OEM Key

Dear JDisc friends, in order to simplify the Windows installation process, most hardware vendors provide the OEM license key within the computer’s BIOS. We have enhanced our device discovery in order to retrieve the stored license key. We store the license key attached to the BIOS firmware object. The license key is also available within…


New Default Accounts for Windows

Dear JDisc friends, today, I would like to cover a topic which has been causing questions and problems for quite a while. Today, we are talking about how to configure Windows accounts in order to scan Windows servers and clients. JDisc Discovery always tries to minimize login attempts with username/password pairs. Otherwise intrusion detection systems…