Azure Cloud Inventory

Offline VMs and Display Sizes

Dear JDisc friends, we have added some more nice features during the last couple of weeks. Besides adding new devices, we have implemented the discovery of virtual machines which are currently offline. This feature is implemented for VMware and Citrix XenServer first. Over time, we will add this feature for the remaining virtualization technologies. We…


Virtual Datacenters

Dear JDisc friends, besides adding new devices, we are always working on larger enhancements and changes. This time we are working on virtualization. So far, JDisc Discovery was able to identify a variety of different virtualization technologies. It was detecting the virtual machines running on physical servers and in many cases their clustering. We started…


E-Mailing Report Feature

Hi JDisc friends, Generating reports from discovered devices in your network is such a neat and organized way to have always a complete overview of your IT network.  But we gave it some thought and asked ourselves: Why not deliver the reports right at your fingertips? Answering that question brought us to you today to announce our new E-Mailing Report…